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The Private Investigation agency of detective Nikolaos Talianis which is based in Athens has been legally operating in Greece since 1986, with a Ministry of Public Order Licence No. 4891/7/1/99-c. Throughout this time we have been distinguished for our excellent organization and the immediate results we produce. We have vast experience in the field which allows us to complete each case you bring to us responsibly and with absolute secrecy.

Our task is to handle each case responsibly and in the strictest confidence delivering the results that we have promised. We serve both Greece and abroad and we are at your disposal 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. .

We undertake all types of investigations such as:

• Special surveillance
• Marital infidelity investigation
• Divorce management
• Divorce evidence
• Witness location
• Data collection
• Child Custody
• Investigations into people's pasts
• Pre-marital investigations
• Authentication
• Finding people
• Missing person cases
• Tracing malicious calls
• Defamation on Facebook, social media and the internet
• Special electronic equipment
​​​​​​​• Legal Advisors


​​​​​​​years of experience


absolute secrecy


24 hours
per day

Visit our offices for FREE advice and it is certain that our immediate results and fully satisfied clients will convince you to trust us.


In accordance with the law 3206/2003 GG 298/A/12.23.2003 private investigation agencies are prohibited to use the title detective, private detective, or private eye. On the basis of the amendment of the Greek law they are called private investigation agencies and they must not use the title detective, private detective or private eye in their name or in official documents. They are required to hold a special licence bearing a number for their legal operation.