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For the private investigator (detective) Talianis Nikolaos business cases are a special type of investigation that requires special and different treatment. We undertake market research and special surveillance to control your partners and your staff, use electronic methods to detect malicious calls and control software and applications for computers and mobile phones.

In particular we deal with:

• Business investigations
• Marine investigations
• Control of partner parallel activity
• Defamation on Facebook,
social media and internet
• Finding debtors

• Product forgery investigations
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​• Protection against trademark piracy
• Intellectual property protection
• Witness location
• Insurance cases
• Commercial rights protection
• Special electronic equipment

Our Legal Consultants are always by our side in every issue that requires their direct intervention.

Ministry of Public Order Licence No. 4891/7/1/66-c


​​​​​​​years of experience


absolute secrecy


24 hours
per day


Visit our offices for FREE advice and it is certain that our immediate results and fully satisfied clients will convince you to trust us.



In accordance with the law 3206/2003 GG 298/A/12.23.2003 private investigation agencies are prohibited to use the title detective, private detective, or private eye. On the basis of the amendment of the Greek law they are called private investigation agencies and they must not use the title detective, private detective or private eye in their name or in official documents. They are required to hold a special licence bearing a number for their legal operation.